Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ride: Lake Dawn loop

Here's a nice 17 mile ride I like to take sometimes when I feel like a good climb with a long, fast coast-out to finish.

Since Junk Miles Publishing Conglomerate Corporate Headquarters is located in the downtown area of Port Angeles, WA, that's where we'll start.  First, here's a link to the mapped route on the website.

Here's the elevation profile to show you what you're getting into, starting at sea level and cresting at nearly 2000 feet elevation near Lake Dawn:

The first six miles is steady climbing (mostly on the Hurricane Ridge Road), there's a middle section of about four miles descending on a dirt road (Little River Road), then the rest is descending on Black Diamond Road, a two lane blacktop taking you all the way back into town.
(Junction of Little River and Black Diamond Roads)

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