Sunday, October 28, 2012

Soggy Spring Pastoral, then Fall

Every time I ride this particular trail, I think to myself "I should stop and get a picture here."

Consider it done:
This is late April on the old, closed Hurricane Ridge Road, about a half mile after the end of Mt. Angeles Rd. and a half mile before you reach Heart o' The Hills.  It used to be a regular two lane blacktop, but 30-plus years of disuse, multiple washouts and the fecundity of our local forest have turned it into singletrack for most of its length.

... And here we are at the same location in early November, with some Fall color still clinging to the trees.  (I didn't quite frame it to match exactly, because I forgot to bring an original with me.)

Don't know if I'll be able to get a shot of the same place in a month or two when it's buried in a half foot of snow, but we'll see!   If I do, I'll have to push the bike the whole way.   Those white CST slicks aren't exactly snow tires. 

A great place to walk the dog or ride the bike, most of the year.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Our first fixie! It's pretty junky.

We here at JunkMilesBlog International Web Publishing (weblishing?) Conglomerate are certifiable bike junkies and of course that means you'll see us occasionally buying - and maybe even riding - a really junky bike.

This is perhaps the junkiest bike we've ever personally purchased, but at $60, we couldn't resist the urge to dip our toe into the warm, seductive, hipsterized, fixated waters of PBR-swamped fixed-gear, umm ... fixedness.    The sheer junkiness of this particualr contraption we acquired is hard to beat.

Gaze in awed wonderment:
 Hmmm... we know from our excursions throughout the bicycle-oriented corners of the world wide web, people who convert their crappy 10-speeds into crappy fixies tend to give them some hilariously crappy paintjobs.  But why are the lugs on this one painted a different color than the tubes?  Maybe a closer look, say, at the lugs in the brake mounting area of the fork will give us a better...